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A Bit Of Support Makes All the Difference. Or why a good bra is your best friend.

Yesterday I saw a client that I used to see a lot, but haven’t seen  her much recently and it turns out

that she had a breast reduction about three years ago.  This had had a massive effect – it literally changed her life.

Gone are shoulders with  1/2 inches grooves,  gone too the foundation garments that used to resemble body armour.

Her neck is long and pain free. Her shoulders are (mostly) down where they belong. No more shooting pains down her arms or up her neck.

No more pins and needles or dead arms. Her overall posture is better, she tells me she sleeps better. No more headaches.

She has taken up running! And she wears a well fitted bra that supports her through all her yoga, zumba & spin classes.

She no longer needs to see an osteopath for twice monthly sessions.  And she comes to see me as a treat- rather than a necessity.

All in all, it was the best thing she has done for herself ever.

It made us wonder about all the girls we see getting massive implants – and to wonder if anyone explains about all

the side effects that come with carrying that amount of weight.  And a different  conversation among a group of friends

about where to buy bras that aren’t ill fitting.  There were a lot of well known chain brands that got trashed.

If you are buying any “cheap” bras – you are probably not saving any money in the long term.

If you are over a B cup,  check out Rigby & Peller, Bravissimo or Selfridges – all have a fitting service that will give just the right support for you.

It makes all the difference. Really, it does.


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