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My Black bottomed Salt Caramel Cheesecake

Cheesecake. My husband’s family loves cheesecake.

So for Christmas Day, I made up a new one,

It was a huge success, so I am sharing it with you!

For the black bottom:

1 pack oreo (or other chocolate) biscuits grind fine in food processor, mix w/

1 tbsp melted butter,  and pour into 11″ spring form pan, press down evenly and  firmly, Place in fridge 1 hour.

3 packs Philadelphia Cream Cheese  softened and whipped lightly

add following ingredients & whip until light

1 tsp real vanilla essence

1/2 c fructose

2 c heavy cream

pour 1/2 mixture over chilled cookie base

pour 1/3c Bon Mammon Caramel sauce over above.

add rest of cheesecake mix

top with caramel & sprinkle with SEA salt to taste.

Chill well till set – at least 4 hours.





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