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Easy Stress-Reducers: De-clutter your mind – it’s easier than you think.

Stress reducing is easier than ever.  But many people are so stressed that simply

“don’t have time” to let it go.

“I’ve often arrived with the weight of the world on my shoulders and left walking on air.”

(This is a lovely testimonial from one of my clients – you can see it on my site )


It’s easier & faster than you might think to de-stress your mind, & your life.

I use the 10 10 10 rule:

Will it still be important in 10 minutes?  10 weeks/months  10 years?

Many stresses are immediate,  but aren’t going to affect you in the long term.

This is where the  10 10 10 rule comes in.

Stop worrying. Make a list of your stresses – recent studies show that 90% of the things people

worry about never happen.  Work out what your stresses are, and what you can do in a

practical way will help lower your stress levels.

Soothing music – what ever does it for you, is great.

Reduce caffeine, salt, sugar, soda & processed foods, add fruits, vegetables& whole grains.

Stay well hydrated & keep your electrolyte levels up

Rest! A good sleep is one oft the best remedies for stress relief..

Exercise: think heart smart, work out smarter, not harder.

Play more –  your work  life balance is so  important.

Laughter really is the best medicine. Followed closely by daydreaming.

Meditation, yoga, Pilates,  are all  excellent for re-focusing & unwinding.

Go out in Nature! Walk, ride, run or swim – get twice the benefit  from being out in the fresh air.

Breath! Slow down, take a small  time out  if you need one,even  five minutes  is beneficial.

Massage is fantastic for letting go. Giving yourself a neck or head , foot or hand massage.

Personally, I prefer a face or head massage – bliss!

Try trading with a friend or partner. Or book in with a professional, like me.

Many essential oils like Rose, Vetiver, Chamomile, lavender & Jasmine can be very calming.

Materia Aromatica has great quality soil certified oils.

Use them in a bath for extra ahhhhh power.

Make more time to do the creative things you like, or investigate a new hobby.

Eat more Dark proper grown up chocolate.

Read a good book.

Try a lovely herbal tea, there are lots of fantastic new tea companies springing up all over.


Herbal tea, chocolate, a  good book, lovely oils, a hot bath….. magic and equilibrium restored.










Changing the Future: A White Collar Boxing Event at The Park Club

If you know Russ, you will know why this  event is being held for him.

If you don’t know him – check out his blog:

It was started by his wife’s family whilst Russ was in hospital.

This event is being sponsored by Orchards – so a big Thank You to all of them!

The Park Club are raising money for Russ Dawkins & his charity.

Following an accident last June, Russ was left paraplegic.

All the money raised goes to helping him buy the equipment that will make his new life

a lot more easier.  Like an FES bike, standing Frame, Mountain Trike,  and that’s only for a start!

This will be a great event  &  we still have tickets available at The Park Club 0208743 4321

A Bit Of Support Makes All the Difference. Or why a good bra is your best friend.

Yesterday I saw a client that I used to see a lot, but haven’t seen  her much recently and it turns out

that she had a breast reduction about three years ago.  This had had a massive effect – it literally changed her life.

Gone are shoulders with  1/2 inches grooves,  gone too the foundation garments that used to resemble body armour.

Her neck is long and pain free. Her shoulders are (mostly) down where they belong. No more shooting pains down her arms or up her neck.

No more pins and needles or dead arms. Her overall posture is better, she tells me she sleeps better. No more headaches.

She has taken up running! And she wears a well fitted bra that supports her through all her yoga, zumba & spin classes.

She no longer needs to see an osteopath for twice monthly sessions.  And she comes to see me as a treat- rather than a necessity.

All in all, it was the best thing she has done for herself ever.

It made us wonder about all the girls we see getting massive implants – and to wonder if anyone explains about all

the side effects that come with carrying that amount of weight.  And a different  conversation among a group of friends

about where to buy bras that aren’t ill fitting.  There were a lot of well known chain brands that got trashed.

If you are buying any “cheap” bras – you are probably not saving any money in the long term.

If you are over a B cup,  check out Rigby & Peller, Bravissimo or Selfridges – all have a fitting service that will give just the right support for you.

It makes all the difference. Really, it does.


It’s All In The Bag…One For The Ladies.


Best new carry on bags

Ladies,  are you suffering from neck or shoulder pain? Pins & needles in arms  or headaches?  Then look no further than your bag. That’s right, you know the ones I mean, those beautiful shiny huge new bags, that carry well, pretty much everything. Less hand bag, more body bag size, all your necessities, a book, ipad,  bottle of water, change of clothes.

Except that might make a hold all, not a handbag. And therein lies the point of this blog, if you are carrying that much around, you either need a smarter bag, a smaller bag, or a smarter way to carry it all.

So apart from the obvious – carry just what you need for the day ahead, carry spare change in your pocket- what can you do to get that power point presentation to the conference on time, without wrenching your back?

You might wish to check out these desirable piece of kit, all in handy carry on sizes, too making them perfect for everything from a week end away, an over night business conference to a day’s market research.

From the clever folks at Biaggi, Zuca, Briggs & Riley, Victorinox, Travelpro, Tumi,Rimowa,Visionair, & Genius, it really is all in the bag.

My New Inspration.

When was the last time you met someone who made you want to do

something for someone you didn’t know?

This is Russ Dawkins’ blog, it is literally life changing.

It was started by his mother-in-law. How brilliant is that?


Everyday, I feel lucky to know him now, although I had  only met him once

“before”. Before you ask what that means,  you can read his blog, if you like.

It’s bloody  terrifying, since it’s the result of something that many of us do

every single day, just getting on with our lives. Living the dream.


But do read it, if you aren’t afraid to feel things that aren’t about you.

Read it if you want to change the world.

Because it may make you a better person.

I know it is making me one.


So that’s it then……

It’s funny, how someone you barely know, can change you in so many ways.

I know I am kinder, bolder, braver than I was before, and I’m not alone.

A lot of people write to him and he puts  some of their letters on his blog.

He’s not my hero – quite- & anyway, he is so very modest.

But he is now my friend, and believe me, that is special.





My Black bottomed Salt Caramel Cheesecake

Cheesecake. My husband’s family loves cheesecake.

So for Christmas Day, I made up a new one,

It was a huge success, so I am sharing it with you!

For the black bottom:

1 pack oreo (or other chocolate) biscuits grind fine in food processor, mix w/

1 tbsp melted butter,  and pour into 11″ spring form pan, press down evenly and  firmly, Place in fridge 1 hour.

3 packs Philadelphia Cream Cheese  softened and whipped lightly

add following ingredients & whip until light

1 tsp real vanilla essence

1/2 c fructose

2 c heavy cream

pour 1/2 mixture over chilled cookie base

pour 1/3c Bon Mammon Caramel sauce over above.

add rest of cheesecake mix

top with caramel & sprinkle with SEA salt to taste.

Chill well till set – at least 4 hours.