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It’s All In The Bag…One For The Ladies.


Best new carry on bags

Ladies,  are you suffering from neck or shoulder pain? Pins & needles in arms  or headaches?  Then look no further than your bag. That’s right, you know the ones I mean, those beautiful shiny huge new bags, that carry well, pretty much everything. Less hand bag, more body bag size, all your necessities, a book, ipad,  bottle of water, change of clothes.

Except that might make a hold all, not a handbag. And therein lies the point of this blog, if you are carrying that much around, you either need a smarter bag, a smaller bag, or a smarter way to carry it all.

So apart from the obvious – carry just what you need for the day ahead, carry spare change in your pocket- what can you do to get that power point presentation to the conference on time, without wrenching your back?

You might wish to check out these desirable piece of kit, all in handy carry on sizes, too making them perfect for everything from a week end away, an over night business conference to a day’s market research.

From the clever folks at Biaggi, Zuca, Briggs & Riley, Victorinox, Travelpro, Tumi,Rimowa,Visionair, & Genius, it really is all in the bag.

My New Inspration.

When was the last time you met someone who made you want to do

something for someone you didn’t know?

This is Russ Dawkins’ blog, it is literally life changing.

It was started by his mother-in-law. How brilliant is that?


Everyday, I feel lucky to know him now, although I had  only met him once

“before”. Before you ask what that means,  you can read his blog, if you like.

It’s bloody  terrifying, since it’s the result of something that many of us do

every single day, just getting on with our lives. Living the dream.


But do read it, if you aren’t afraid to feel things that aren’t about you.

Read it if you want to change the world.

Because it may make you a better person.

I know it is making me one.


So that’s it then……

It’s funny, how someone you barely know, can change you in so many ways.

I know I am kinder, bolder, braver than I was before, and I’m not alone.

A lot of people write to him and he puts  some of their letters on his blog.

He’s not my hero – quite- & anyway, he is so very modest.

But he is now my friend, and believe me, that is special.





My Black bottomed Salt Caramel Cheesecake

Cheesecake. My husband’s family loves cheesecake.

So for Christmas Day, I made up a new one,

It was a huge success, so I am sharing it with you!

For the black bottom:

1 pack oreo (or other chocolate) biscuits grind fine in food processor, mix w/

1 tbsp melted butter,  and pour into 11″ spring form pan, press down evenly and  firmly, Place in fridge 1 hour.

3 packs Philadelphia Cream Cheese  softened and whipped lightly

add following ingredients & whip until light

1 tsp real vanilla essence

1/2 c fructose

2 c heavy cream

pour 1/2 mixture over chilled cookie base

pour 1/3c Bon Mammon Caramel sauce over above.

add rest of cheesecake mix

top with caramel & sprinkle with SEA salt to taste.

Chill well till set – at least 4 hours.





The Stories I Could Tell….

Everyone has a story, and how they are told  changes continuously, depending on a number of factors including who you are talking to, how your day has gone, & how you feel about the people you are talking to. It all comes down to communication, and that is where this story starts.

You, for example, may tell me your neck is sore and or stiff. Your posture may tell me that you slouch – or not.  The way your nervous system responds will tell me if you are tired, in pain, have lots of energy, or if it is feeling stressed and overworked, or overwrought. For me, it is all about this teamwork,  the better we work together, the better the results will be.

Sometimes the roots of pain are obvious, sometimes they are tangled and hidden. You may say the pain is in your foot, or your hip, but  your body may say it’s in your lower back. More specifically L 4, & L 5 discs. Often people tell me that (fill in the blank) is sore for no reason. Nonsense. There is always a reason – pathology and physiology  are key to finding it.  Once you have all the pieces, it makes makes sense.  Come in, and  let’s reveal your story.

I love being a part of people’s stories, Somewhere between the “Hello, how are you,  what can I do for you today”, and the parting goodbye, is a whole world of communication to be negotiated,  written, read, and understood together.












Tis The Season

The Holidays are upon us,  and many of you will be off to do amazing winter sports, so here are a couple tips to keep you in tip-top shape out there.

While it may seem  obvious, so many injuries can be avoided by a little forethought:

Warm Up:  you only need around five minutes, but it’s importaint that what ever you do is slow and steady, to avoid stressing or tearing cold muscle fibers.

If you are going running, or even a fast walk –  try long & slow strides, or short & fast, or short & slow. If your stride is long and fast, you can easily pull or tear a calf or a hamstring.

Wear the right gear- it will make a difference in both your performance, your recovery, and ought to reduce your chance of injuries.

If you are out a long time- be sure to keep your lower back warm – your kidneys will appreciate it, and so will your back.

Stay well hydrated!  It is easy to underestimate the amount you are drinking in cold weather. You cannot effectively stretch a dehydrated muscle or other soft tissue,

but you can damage  it.

Finally remember to walk a few minutes to cool down or stretch a little after you finish – this will alert the brain that your muscles don’t need more lactose, and you will have less lactic acid  tenderness and swelling.

A good hot soak in Epsom salts will ease your aches before they become a pain, leaving you free to enjoy the rest of your holiday.

1 cup – about 8 oz epsom salts ( dead sea salts are fine, table salt is not).  You can add  good quality essential oils like rosemary, ginger and black pepper for greater effect – only a couple of drops each, and stir the water well before getting in.