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Competing for the Future: Raising money for Charity

Charity begins at home, we are taught this early in life, But I think it begins with our friends, who support us, encourage us, and do stuff with us to keep us motivated,  achieve our goals. and keep the dream alive.  But what about when it’s your friend’s charity? Thanks to the efforts of so many of his family  & friends,  an amazing amount of near total strangers have competed in events over the past year to raise money for Back On Track, the charity that was set up by Russ Dawkins, after his biking accident in France in 2013, which left him a paraplegic. Russ has almost completed  his first ‘anniversary’ since being released from Stoke Mandiville in February 2014,  and he is doing fabulous.

Check out for his personal blog – it is a real eye opener.

I am one of the many people who didn’t know Russ well, ( or at all) before his accident. But I am also one of the many who now think of him as a life long friend and inspiration to do more for others,  to try harder. To be a better person.

Russ was referred to Neurolink Physiotherapy, where they were properly astonished by his accomplishments to date. Several visits have made a world of difference, so a big shout out to Natalie & Team, who managed to teach him some great new skills, & get him standing wheelchairs, for work & home.

Several of our mutual friends and associates have done, and are doing some incredible adventures on their way to raise money for Russ’s charity – it provides sports equipment for disabled people).

Singling out Dan White who has competed in several long distance events, white collar boxing,  Strictly Charity Dancing, and  so much more to raise funds.

Lee Denton & Ali J Ahmed who successfully started, trained, promoted and coached the participants in their Acton Parx Boxing (and loved it so much that they have made a business & are training the next group  for more Parx Boxing events, but  fund raise for other charities too).

Terry Rodham, who has just completed his first ever triathlon last Sunday,  – a Welsh Ironman, no less.  Terry has lost 3 stone, had a brand new baby taken on some amazing challenges along the way and emerged relatively  injury free and rearing to do more.

Mike Smith, who despite being hit head on by a van & drug  along the street, (losing a lot of skin in the process whilst in training to run the Atacama 4 Deserts race) got up, trained harder & made his race in good time.

Then, there are all his friends doing the events that Russ would do, if he still could – fantastic efforts all around, boys.

Very Soon, Russ will be off  Louisville KY to take part in a SCI program, and I wish him all the best!

I feel so privileged to get the opportunity to work with Russ, and so many of his supporters like Dan, Lee, Ali and Terry.

Competing for a better future for others, is just such a great way to live.



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