All the weird and wonderful things that help to inspire me on a daily basis.


Some events I am really looking forwards too, and some I am not.

My  calendar  has a host of exciting things pencilled in.

In mid May I get to go to Rodger Charlton’s Beckhampton Stables in Wiltshire, with my extraordinarily generous friend Christine (it was actually her invitation)  Meet the horses, (Currently, HRM the Queens’ horses are in training, along with those of Lady Rothschild, and many other notables). Walking out over the 600 acre estate to  the downs & watch the gallops. Have a tour of the yard,  – the history of the place is absolutely fascinating (It was listed in the Doomsday Book) & hopefully meet Rodger Charlton himself.
Super exciting!

Next is a day with the Fox Project. I get to spend an entire day volunteering with them, cleaning cages, doing rescues,  who knows?I hope it includes some actually fox time. I think they are so clever, and when they aren’t ill, so beautiful. And I understand a lot of folks don’t like them, but after all, we are constantly encroaching on wildlife territory.

At the end of the month I am on a course in The Lake District,  staying in the lovely town of Windemeer.  Anna Twinney is a retired British Police woman who has a foundation called Reach Out to Horses. She has worked for the Queen, Monty Roberts, and the glitteratti  of the horse world.  I get to polish up my animal communication skills and learn some new ones that hopefully  all my four footed clients and friends will love. Many of you know I work with animals, horses in particular in my spare time, and I hope this course will really make a difference in the next course I have scheduled.


In September I will do module 5 of my Equine Craniosacral training – in the Oxford countryside! Equine Dentistry & how to tell if it’s good, bad, if it has been done mechanically or by hand & if it is needed or has never been done. It also shows the sort of wear and tear certain types of bits are known to cause, and the effect they have on the muscles of the jaw, head and neck.   But seriously, if your horse’s mouth is sore he isn’t going to perform well under saddle, on the track or in the ring. Phew!

What I am not looking forwards to are the two weeks of tube & rail strikes starting today.  So I may stay home!

Good luck to everyone struggling in and out of London.










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