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A Little Foot Note, or Putting Your Best Foot Forwards This Year.

Feet are one of my favorite things to treat in rehab – get it wrong, and they won’t forgive you, but get it right & it’s absolutely life changing,

As a practice, we deal with a variety of pre & post surgery & injury conditions.  Desk bound  office workers, amateur to the ultra elite athlete.  We also deal with  more normal wear and tear issues.   And we now have a fantastic  specialist Foot & ankle Clinic addition to our Physio Remedies team at the Lansdowne Club, in the form of Miss Jane Baker.  She has teamed up with our expert resident podiatrist, Miss Amanda Lau, it is a great start to literally being able to put your best foot forwards this year. With our specialists there is a vast amount that can be improved upon in a relatively short time frame.  Personally,  I love working with feet.  From oedema relief to  trigger-pointing tight myo-fascia like plantar fascitis  to mobilising & scar tissue reduction from old breaks or tears in soft tissue.    Look us up at

Book in and see how you can start the year off on the right foot.

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