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Restore the body, calm the mind, free the spirit.

Rejuvanessence® For Body, Mind & Soul.
Feeling better is only the beginning – you will also find that you breathe better, have more energy, less tension in your face, neck & head, with the added bonus of feeling deeply refreshed. Your body’s nervous system is finely re-tuned and inner harmony is regained. This hands on treatment restores your spirit as much as your face!

Originally developed by Stanley Rosenberg, a pioneer who explored & developed new forms of body therapy. Drawn from Osteopathy, Cranio-sacral therapy, Rolfing, organ massage, joint mobilisation, peri-neural massage When Margareta Loughran, a nurse and psychotherapist who worked with him to develop the technique, returned to the UK, she called it Rejuvanessence ®,

In 2006, I trained with Margareta in Rejuvanessence®, now called Facial Energy Release®, (FER) after my acupuncturist suggested I have a session, as she often had difficulty inserting the needles into my rock hard shoulders! I fell in love with it, & still have it regularly just for the blissful way it makes me feel, & no longer have worry written all over my face. It is a precise and very effective gentle massage technique, which helps to restore the biological functional/structural mechanism of Tensegrity, which creates the “lift” effect. This helps the body to release tensions in the ninety-one muscles of the face, neck, skull, and shoulders. It includes aspects CranioSacral, Structural Integration, Lymphatic Drainage, & acupressure points on the meridians that pass through the face, neck, head & shoulders

FER® incorporates nutrition advice, (good nutrition makes all the difference to looking, as well as feeling good) body awareness, postural alignment, & frees stuck connective tissue to improve mobility & lymph flow.
FER® is a course of six treatments focusing on the 91 muscles of the face and neck using very light touch massage. Five session focus on different areas, with the sixth integrating it all together. It is also known as ‘The Fingertip Facial’ and ‘Angel’s Touch’. Suitable for men and women this remarkable treatment has clients drifting in and out of a deep state of relaxation and although there are a total of six sessions, a deeply relaxing single or “one off” session can still give visible results.

You might wonder what else it can do – I use for nearly pain free scar tissue mobilisation including post surgery, mastectomy tethering , burns, & injury. It works very well for Bell’s Palsey, TMJ dysfunction, Cluster Headaches, Migraine Relief, helps drain blocked sinuses, and clients report that it helps them sleep more easily, & deeply.

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