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Restore the Body, Calm the Mind, Free the Spirit: Re-energize Your Life, Energy Therapies Decoded.

No matter who we are, or what we do, we all have beliefs that make our life either harder, & more complicated, or we have beliefs that allow us to live a more energetic & fulling life.

It’s that time of year, for most of us, summer is nearly over, school is starting & it’s back to work. Only, you just don’t feel like it, or up to it. Just the thought of it makes you anxious or cranky. Those summer holiday memories are still fresh and the different pace & priorities of life tempt you back into indolence.

09  What you need is a reboot. An energy reboot to be precise. Eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep & getting organized all help. De cluttering your desk, home & life are great for clearing stagnant energy, but what about your mind? Maybe what you need is some Belief Relief. A little Ahhh goes a long ways.


I have a full hat trick of Energy Therapies that may help you find peace of mind, and create a breathing space in your body, head, heart & life.

I’ve been a Reiki Master since 1989, &  it underlies all my work, no matter who or  what I am treating. If you love that “little bit” extra in your session – & are a fan of my “magic” – well, that’s what it is.  I practice The Way of The Fire Dragon, as practiced  by the Tibetan monks of Norbulingka, in Lassa. It is very gentle & extremely powerful. And fun, so much fun.

In 2006, I started training in Craniosacral as taught by Hugh Milne, & Maureen Rogers for both humans and horses.  Some of the things I have trained in: Rejuvanessence®, now called Facial Energy Release, Zero Balancing®, Chakra clearing & Balancing, Bowen® Therapy,  EFT, Polarity Therapy, Quantum Touch®, The Rosen Method®, Reconnective Healing®, Rapha-Yad®, Access The Bars® & Access Body® Proccesses, Floracopia® Plant Spirit Medicine  Aromatherapy, & Perelandra® Flower Essences®.

Belief Relief

For over 3 decades, I have worked with Julianna Forgione, founder of Belief Relief, learning how to support my clients’ transitions through mindfulness, meditation & visualizations.Beliefs are as likely to be held in the body, as in the mind, this process allows the client to feel where the belief is being stored, and how might it feel to let go of it. Several years ago the amazing Dr Bradley Nelson wrote The Emotion Code, & Alexander Lloyd & Ben Johnson wrote The Healing Code. Julianna adapted these excellent techniques into Belief Relief, and made it even easier to achieve their goals.

This makes my work uniquely flexible, with endless variations, and focuses entirely on you in the moment, whether you are in Olympic training, post surgery rehab,  or changing career or life paths,  “All is well, all shall be well”, the words of Julian of Norwich are as relevant today, as in the twelfth  century, and are at the very heart of my work.  “In a perfect world, what would you like out of your session today? How do you want to feel afterwards, and what would you like to achieve or create in it?” This is visionary part of the process, this is you letting go & choosing something different, something that makes you go Ahhh. This is the part the session where your belief codes can be rewritten. So take a deep breath & inhale peace now.

Here, Hugh is using trigger points – just one of the ways his Craniosacral work  is in a different league.

The founder of ZB, Fritz Smith


“Cherie’s techniques are difficult to describe in words as they are holistic and profound in a way I have never experienced with another clinician. It’s like my computer was completely re-booted. Very relaxing, stress-busting and effective. I can’t recommend her highly enough.” Simon Ludgate

Richard Gordon, Founder of QT.

Perelandra grow all their plants and flowers for the most elegant Flower Essences.

David Crow  on  Aromatherapy

Accessing The Bars via a live link

A little about The Reconnection


“Thank you for helping me this morning. My neck is very sore from riding (I need a new helmet – I think the current one is moving around too much) and my right hand was completely dead this morning from sleeping awkwardly, esp the thumb. Quite scary actually – I could barely hold the handle bar. So on my way to buy bread I was composing a text to you in my head when I felt the pressure of your hands on my right shoulder blade. You are amazing – and what an interesting world you have opened my eyes to. If you get a chance to do a bit more it would be appreciated! Much love from beautiful Provence.”  TR


Easy Stress-Reducers: De-clutter your mind – it’s easier than you think.

Stress reducing is easier than ever.  But many people are so stressed that simply

“don’t have time” to let it go.

“I’ve often arrived with the weight of the world on my shoulders and left walking on air.”

(This is a lovely testimonial from one of my clients – you can see it on my site )


It’s easier & faster than you might think to de-stress your mind, & your life.

I use the 10 10 10 rule:

Will it still be important in 10 minutes?  10 weeks/months  10 years?

Many stresses are immediate,  but aren’t going to affect you in the long term.

This is where the  10 10 10 rule comes in.

Stop worrying. Make a list of your stresses – recent studies show that 90% of the things people

worry about never happen.  Work out what your stresses are, and what you can do in a

practical way will help lower your stress levels.

Soothing music – what ever does it for you, is great.

Reduce caffeine, salt, sugar, soda & processed foods, add fruits, vegetables& whole grains.

Stay well hydrated & keep your electrolyte levels up

Rest! A good sleep is one oft the best remedies for stress relief..

Exercise: think heart smart, work out smarter, not harder.

Play more –  your work  life balance is so  important.

Laughter really is the best medicine. Followed closely by daydreaming.

Meditation, yoga, Pilates,  are all  excellent for re-focusing & unwinding.

Go out in Nature! Walk, ride, run or swim – get twice the benefit  from being out in the fresh air.

Breath! Slow down, take a small  time out  if you need one,even  five minutes  is beneficial.

Massage is fantastic for letting go. Giving yourself a neck or head , foot or hand massage.

Personally, I prefer a face or head massage – bliss!

Try trading with a friend or partner. Or book in with a professional, like me.

Many essential oils like Rose, Vetiver, Chamomile, lavender & Jasmine can be very calming.

Materia Aromatica has great quality soil certified oils.

Use them in a bath for extra ahhhhh power.

Make more time to do the creative things you like, or investigate a new hobby.

Eat more Dark proper grown up chocolate.

Read a good book.

Try a lovely herbal tea, there are lots of fantastic new tea companies springing up all over.


Herbal tea, chocolate, a  good book, lovely oils, a hot bath….. magic and equilibrium restored.