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Somassage® Neuromuscular Deep Tissue Bodywork: An Attitude Agustment For The Body.

Somassage® Neuromuscular Therapy; An Elegant and Focused Treatment that Facilitates Whole Body Integration.

Somassage® Is the type of Neuromuscular work that is designed specifically to address the suspensory component inherent in an easeful upright posture.

In Somassage®,  we work the body is very different from other types of NMT. This is focused directional work. It is quite slow, we work together, & observe them as they move & integrate the new options for movement. We work alongside the body’s contours, so as the tissue softens, we can work on a much deeper level.

This means we can see postural/movement differences in a single session.




After one hour session
After a one hour session

Softer knees,  much more upright posture, better head/neck relation to shoulders. Her head is now floating on her neck, better position.

Shoulder & Pelvic girdles better balanced, arms at better angle.

Feet more mobile & are less stiff & tendons, ligaments no longer shortened.

Pelvis in good centre of balance, torso rises up from pelvis, rather than hyper extending & slumping forwards.

A special thank you to  the Medispa’s very own Briggi Urban for being my lovely  model.