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The New Detox Revolution, or What about the Morning After?

imageNow that you’ve gotten used to starting the day with kale, avocado, beet & asparagus drinks, it’s time to branch out. You deserve a break! Here are a few ideas to shake up your routine, give you extra health benefits & make those drinks taste as great as they are for you.
Charge it up with spices like ginger & turmeric, botanicals such as coriander & parsley, & greens such as dandelion, milk thistle or nettles*. Herbal teas like sage, fennel, ginseng & floral teas like hibiscus or lavender, green tea, white tea. Additions like spirulina, omega mix, maca, coconut water, aloe vera juice. If you like a creamy smoothie, consider oat, coconut & nut milks like almond or hazel nut, or bio live yogurt. Flax, hemp, seeds, nuts, & soaked chia seeds are all useful & delicious.
Add oils like Udo`s Choice Oil, which is a carefully blended mix of the finest organic Omega 3, 6 and 9 varieties of Essential Fatty Acids. Avocado, Argan oil & pomegranate oil, coconut oil are all good for heart health.
Spices: Turmeric has been used for centuries for its healthy properties, for this purpose, you need to add black pepper to release it’s full potential.

I love the way cardamom livens up any drink, as can cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger mace, & coriander. Purple sumac & summer savoury add depth, or to really make those greens hum, add Middle eastern spices such as zatara.

Your imagination is the limit.
I’ve done several turmeric based drinks, delicious with cranberry & orange passion fruit, pineapple, mango, strawberries, raspberries, beets & other fruits & vegetables.
Pineapple, passion fruit, lime, turmeric & black pepper, coriander, Aloe Vera water or Coconut milk, or lemon water. Optional: add Mango or banana, or use instead of pineapple.
Cranberries, clementine & grapefruit juice, lime, turmeric, black pepper.
Blackberries, turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon, apple, clementine, tangerine or blood orange juice, banana or yogurt.
Pineapple, lime, spirulina, turmeric, black pepper & Aloe Vera& Mango water. Opitional: add green or white tea.
Cherries, pitted fresh or raw, pink peppercorns ground, cocoa nibs, lemon juice, water or almond milk. Like it thicker? Add a banana.
Cherries, beetroot –cooked, omega seeds, lime, cloves & honey if desired, & fruit or herbal tea.
Raspberries, rose water, pink peppercorns, lime, turmeric, & Aloe Vera & Mango Water.
Beetroot, cooked, raspberries or strawberries, lemon juice, cinnamon & white tea, blackberry leaf tea or yarrow tea.
Still keen on your greens? Add herbs like tarragon & sweet Cecily to your green drinks, they have a lovely anise / liquorice flavour, without being overpowering. Add lemon, lime or other fresh citrus juice, green tea, fresh dandelion or Maca for a extra burst of taste & energy. A little coconut oil will add extra goodness. Like Seaweeds? The extra vitamins & minerals will really give you boost.

Struggling with hot flashes? Sage tea on its own or with your greens are reputed to help.
Did you know you use your carrot tops? Just wash & blanche to remove the bitterness. Rhubarb, blanched, with ginger & orange are a great twist to your green drinks, too.
Like foraging? Green cattails blanched (from rushes) taste like a cross between corn & asparagus, they are delicious with blanched nettles, nutmeg & lemon juice & hazelnut oil. Add young dandelions & a few ripe blackberries.

You can make your own flower waters to add flavour, rose, lavender, honey suckle, jasmine, elderflower are just a few that are easy & quick – just gather flowers, wash well, & place in a litre jug, cover with water & leave in a cool place for several hours. You can then use it straight away, or make into ice cubes (which also look sensational in summer drinks)

I love Tony Stapeton’s HealThySelf bars, & I use them in my smoothies, like this: HealThySelf bar, banana, cardamom, cloves, black pepper, tumeric, nuts – almonds or pistachios, & Rude Health’s coconut drink. Options: pitted cherries go well with flavour of Cocoa nibs, hemp, almonds, cinnamon & coconut in the bar.
*To avoid ingesting the stinging hairs, Nettles must be quickly blanched in boiling water, or use dried nettles from teabags.
All foraged greens & fruits need to be carefully sourced & washed well. I.E. Picking next to verges will be very polluted, & possibly urinated on by passing animals.