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Tis The Season

The Holidays are upon us,  and many of you will be off to do amazing winter sports, so here are a couple tips to keep you in tip-top shape out there.

While it may seem  obvious, so many injuries can be avoided by a little forethought:

Warm Up:  you only need around five minutes, but it’s importaint that what ever you do is slow and steady, to avoid stressing or tearing cold muscle fibers.

If you are going running, or even a fast walk –  try long & slow strides, or short & fast, or short & slow. If your stride is long and fast, you can easily pull or tear a calf or a hamstring.

Wear the right gear- it will make a difference in both your performance, your recovery, and ought to reduce your chance of injuries.

If you are out a long time- be sure to keep your lower back warm – your kidneys will appreciate it, and so will your back.

Stay well hydrated!  It is easy to underestimate the amount you are drinking in cold weather. You cannot effectively stretch a dehydrated muscle or other soft tissue,

but you can damage  it.

Finally remember to walk a few minutes to cool down or stretch a little after you finish – this will alert the brain that your muscles don’t need more lactose, and you will have less lactic acid  tenderness and swelling.

A good hot soak in Epsom salts will ease your aches before they become a pain, leaving you free to enjoy the rest of your holiday.

1 cup – about 8 oz epsom salts ( dead sea salts are fine, table salt is not).  You can add  good quality essential oils like rosemary, ginger and black pepper for greater effect – only a couple of drops each, and stir the water well before getting in.








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