Skin and hair products to transform your life

While my massages will treat the aches, injuries and problems you have on the inside, I don’t neglect the outside either!

My face scrubs, body scrubs, body oils and face oils are hand-made and specific to each person’s needs
They’re all organic, pesticide-free and cruelty-free
They contain no preservatives except alcohol
There are absolutely no parabens or animal products (although some do contain honey or beeswax)

Some of my favourite ingredients:

Himalayan pink salt, rosehip, avocado, oatmeal, wild white ginger, Bulgarian rose, vetiver, shea butter, mango, ylang ylang and jasmine.

Made just for you!

I create each product specifically for each person’s hair/skin type, needs and lifestyle, which means I don’t have any ready-made products for you to buy. Instead, I like to have a phone consultation with you before creating your unique blend.

My products are available in a range of sizes, and prices start from £5. Postage is from £2.95 – or free with orders over £25.

Tell me your skin or hair issues, and I’ll create something incredible just for you.

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    How do you want to feel while using it? (Stress washing away?
    Recapture an old memory? Cloaked in wonderful smells? Etc.)

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